Premium Chauffeur Service

ASK Limousine based in Cannes offers reliable transportation services across the Côte d’Azur, catering to both business and leisure travellers. Experienced private chauffeurs for the yachting industry in Cannes, our team is at your service and will do everything necessary to satisfy your clients’ requests.
With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, we are the preferred choice for individuals needing transport to and from airports, marina, and other travel hubs.

We Manage your Transport from/to your Yacht or SuperYacht.

ASK Limousine recommends an hourly service with Half day or full day package for Yacht Chauffeur Service Cannes.
This service is ideal and guarantees that you will always have a chauffeur at your disposal.
You gain in flexibility, optimise your time, and no more stress.
This chauffeur-driven car hire service is perfect for last-minute needs.
Your chauffeur-driven vehicle will remain on the quay at the foot of your yacht,
and will be able to respond immediately to any requests you or your guests may have.
Also we can follow-up of the Yacht along the coast and provision of vehicle at each stopover
Personalized visit of the region with our Bespoke Chauffeur Service.

We use recent vehicles authorised and approved by the relevant transport authorities and employ licensed private chauffeurs with extensive experience in the yachting industry.

Plan your journey with maximum flexibility and enjoy your stay to the full!
Reserve your journeys with ASK Limousine and forget everything, we will care about everything for you!
Travel with ASK Limousine, Yacht Chauffeur Service Cannes


By booking in advance, you can count on our Yacht Chauffeur Service being ready and waiting at the designated time and place, with no hidden fees.

  • -Transfer of your guest & crew to the airport from Yacht
  • -Transfer of your guest & crew to the Yacht from Airport Nice or Cannes
  • -Transfer Luggage transportation all destination.
  • -Hourly Service
  • -A complete range of Premium Services for your Guest & Crew
  • -follow-up of the Yacht along the coast
  • Car Hire Chauffeur Driven
  • -Concierge Service Cannes

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